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Founded in 2015 in response to global demand for a process that helps fathers re-connect with their school-going sons and walk with them through these most critical formative years, The Journey is a rite of passage that cultivates authentic manhood in boys, through coaching Godly values and beliefs related to masculinity and leadership. There are intentionally-designed trials and challenges throughout the program to help the boys discover their character, culminating in a rite-of-passage ceremony to celebrate their entry into young adulthood.

We’re passionate about reconnecting the hearts of fathers to their sons. As one wife and mother put it:

My son was at a very vulnerable age in our community, and was becoming increasingly rebellious. My husband and I were very worried, so when he heard about The Journey [at a TWNAF training] he signed up immediately and started the journey with his son.

One evening, halfway through the course, I saw something I hadn’t seen in years that left me in tears. My son had become incredibly private and closed off, never allowing anyone into his room. That evening I saw my son sitting on his bed with his dad, having a chat.

I’ve noticed how my son is becoming more responsible in his choices and actions, and is really starting to show maturity.

A grateful wife and mother

The Journey isn’t a single event; it’s a journey in manhood. Over the course of the journey, we do the following:

  • Give fathers the tools to engage with their sons
  • Train fathers to take up their role as active, intentional leaders in their homes by taking them through a Level 1 TWNAF training
  • Help the fathers build an atmosphere at home that facilitates the transition from boyhood to manhood
  • Coach the child using sessions and practical activities
  • Use rite-of-passage events for major milestones in the child’s life
  • Hold a final “graduation” event for the father and son when they complete the Journey.

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