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There are TWNAF trainings happening all around the world, many of which are locally organised by people like you — fathers passionate about making a difference in their communities.

Our large events are usually region-specific (East Asia, Africa etc.) and have different entrance requirements — some are open to anyone, while others require a certain level of training. For example, to attend a Master Mentor training you need to at least have attended a Dads Talk training and preferably a Fatherhood Facilitator training too. This information might be on the event listing, but if not, please contact the event organiser to be sure.

If you are new to TWNAF, we recommend that you contact your local country coordinator (which you can find on your country page) to join the next level 1 (Dads Talk) training happening near you.

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A quick recap of the training levels

This is our ground-level training that offers an excellent foundation for fathers who want to understand the basics of manhood and fatherhood, and learn tools to apply the principles in their lives and those of their families.

This training equips fathers who have been through levels one or two with the tools to train other fathers.

This training takes men who have completed a level one or two training and are already training other fathers to the next level. It goes deep into the course material, giving the trainers a broad and deep understanding of the content, and how to apply it in training.

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