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We’re active in Finland!

If this is your first time here, welcome!

Allow us to introduce you to your TWNAF country coordinator(s): Jouni Veltheim! Jouni Veltheim joined TWNAF after meeting Cassie in Orlando 2015 and took part in Cassie’s Master mentor training in Malta in 2016. Jouni is married to Suvi and has four children, two sons and to daughters. He works as a teacher.

Number: +358 50 3244582

If there is no contact information above, the movement is still developing or we have withheld it for safety reasons. You are welcome to contact the global office and we’ll do our best to help you get in touch: Contact Us

Jouni was the first Finn to be trained as a trainer in 2016. He organized the first Master mentor training in Finland in April 2018.

We have a core team planning the work in Finland to reach the whole nation. We have a few trained trainers and we are looking for opportunities to arrange trainings for different groups of people.

We have good connections with schools and we are pursuing to find churches and organizations to co-operate with.

Just before the pandemic started we had a Master mentor training ready to being held but we had to cancel it. Now we are looking for longer and shorter training opportunities. We are going to start doing videos on TWNAF topics in Finnish this autumn 2021 so please stay tuned!

If there is no information above or the information is out of date and you can help us update it, please contact us using the form below.
Your suggestions will go to our team, who will add it to the page if it helps us tell the story of TWNAF in Finland.

The best place to start is by contacting your country coordinator(s), Jouni Veltheim. If you don’t have a country coordinator yet, get in touch with our global office: and we’ll help you get connected with someone near you.

If you want to get trained, ask your country coordinator about a Dads Talk training near you. Another great way to discover the movement is by meeting up with a local TWNAF trainer and getting to know more about us from someone who has already been impacted by the movement. Ask your country coordinator or our global office to find out more!

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